January 13 was our 2nd meeting of the new year. Unfortunately for most, the 25cm of snow we received kept a majority of Rotarians away.

A big shout out goes to those who were able to shovel their way out and make it down to the meeting at McGills:
Trinda Ernst, Caleb Howden, Jim Winsor, Margie Brown, Ann Lockhart, Mark Vardy, Greg Coldwell and our Youth Exchange Student Marie (Who didn't have school)!
With the low turnout, it was no surprise that our secret greeter, Andrew White, did not make it. But he still wants to fine all those who went and didn't call him while he was clearing his driveway all morning. wink
The meeting saw a missed opportunity to earn big bucks as the 50/50 was not held and will be carried over to next week. The pot is starting to grow again!