Have a Time with Marie and Her Family!!!
It is exam week at Horton from January 26 - 30. Given the nature of the courses Marie is taking she has no exams and accordingly does not have to attend school this week. If anyone has any exciting opportunities suitable for Marie's pleasure and enjoyment this week feel free to call her at 902-698-0912 or by email.
Marie Bonnet's parents will be coming to Canada on March 28 and will going to Montreal along with Marie  on April 3rd. Their plan is to attend a Montreal Canadiens game on April 5th. They are going to meet up with four other friends so there would be seven of them hoping to attend the hockey game. They are hoping for some help in locating tickets. Is anyone aware of tickets that we could get access to or are otherwise able to steer me in a direction to get tickets? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Call me at 902-670-4918 or connect by email.